Breathe smart with the Sensedge
The monitoring solution for your needs
Air monitoring for all business and commercial environments

Applying for a certification?

The Sensedge is tested and certified by the RESET standard for accuracy, and is fully compliant with the WELL v2 building standard for performance.
Made for smart, healthy, and energy saving buildings
Customized measurements for any environment

With easily swappable and customizable sensor modules, the Sensedge is built for all needs and environments. Need to measure a specific parameter or pollutant? We got you.

Low- maintenance, High quality
Seamless implementation
Meet reporting requirements

Display, monitor and manage your devices

Use the Kaiterra dashboard to monitor and manage your devices. Track connectivity, trends, and analyze historical data to identify issues and optimize your environment.
Technical Specifications

Memory (store over 50 million data points)

Data buffer

Multiple languages



SD card data export