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Achieve Fitwel Certification with Kaiterra IAQ Monitoring

Our RESET-Certified Grade B air quality monitors are designed to help you achieve Fitwel Certification.

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Through the Operations and Maintenance section, you can earn a maximum of 4.6 points by implementing Kaiterra air quality monitoring solutions

Section 11: Operations and Maintenance
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Policy
Use Kaiterra devices to monitor key IAQ parameters as part of a multifaceted IAQ policy to earn full points.
2.02 points
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment
Use Kaiterra monitors to continuously measure five key IAQ parameters in all regularly occupied spaces, meeting minimum thresholds: PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, temperature, and relative humidity.
1.66 points
Air Quality Assessment Results
Share indoor air quality testing results with regular occupants via tenant manual, annual communication materials, or digital platform such as Kaiterra’s Web App.
0.92 points

Frequently asked questions

Are Kaiterra monitors compliant with Fitwel requirements?

Kaiterra IAQ monitors are fully compliant for Fitwel Certification, satisfying their technical requirements as outlined below:

  • Have a data output of at least once every 5 minutes

  • Have a data loss rate of 10% or less

  • Have a minimum operating range for temperature of 0 - 40 °C (or 32 - 104 °F)

  • Have a minimum operating range for relative humidity of 5-85% RH, non-condensing

  • Can be permanently installed within 3-8 feet from the ground

  • Are calibrated and confirmed functional without defect prior to shipping

How often are sensor modules replaced, and are certificates of calibration provided?
Most healthy building certifications typically require annual sensor recalibration, meaning you will need to change your sensor modules every 12 months to meet the requirements. With an innovative modular design, Kaiterra IAQ monitors can be easily recalibrated by swapping out old sensors for new ones. New sensors come with a certificate of calibration.
Can Kaiterra devices be permanently installed?
Kaiterra IAQ monitoring devices have the capability to be permanently installed.
How many monitors do I need for Fitwel Certification?
The number of air quality monitors you need will, of course, depend on the specific requirements of your project. For projects to meet certification requirements, Fitwel monitor density guidelines must be met according to occupiable space:
  • On each floor, every 3,500 square feet (or 325 square meters) or per Air Handling Unit (AHU) zone, whichever is more stringent.

Where should I place monitors?

Monitor placement should reflect the occupants’ experience of indoor air quality, typically mounted on a wall within the “breathing zone,” 3 to 6 feet above the floor.

It’s often recommended to install air quality monitors in open spaces and rooms that are regularly occupied. Monitors must be placed throughout the project and should be representative of all HVAC zones, building faces, and frequently used areas like lobbies, open and private office areas, and conference rooms.

Looking to spec Kaiterra devices into your project?

Download our sample specification template to make specifying Kaiterra monitors in your next project seamless.

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