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We make buildings healthier and more carbon efficient

Kaiterra is on a mission to help companies achieve low carbon healthy buildings, starting from the air we breathe.

About Kaiterra IAQ Solutions for Low Carbon Healthy Buildings


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The big Why

At Kaiterra, it’s never just about the buildings. It’s about the people and the planet.

Low carbon healthy buildings

Very few buildings today are designed to prioritize health and wellbeing. The way buildings are operated is also extremely inefficient. In fact, building operations account for 28% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

We must fundamentally change the way we operate our buildings in order to make them more beneficial to the people within, and the planet we all call home.

What We Do

Air quality monitoring solutions for low carbon healthy buildings.

Kaiterra indoor air quality monitoring solutions

We build innovative environmental monitoring devices, intelligent software analytics, and turn-key building integrations to help companies around the world improve occupant wellbeing, increase energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions - all at the same time.

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