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Sensedge Mini Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

An all-weather solution for outdoor air monitoring.

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Tech Specs
SE Mini Outdoor

Indoor air is significantly impacted by outdoor conditions.

Kaiterra helps you leverage real-time indoor and outdoor air quality data to make informed decisions and effectively manage the built environment.

Identify causes of poor indoor air faster-A (1)
Identify causes of poor indoor air faster
Improve HVAC efficiency by knowing when to bring in outdoor air-B (1)
Know when it's safe to bring in outdoor air
Implement data-driven decisions for your built environment-A (1)
Make informed decisions for your buildings
Better manage emergency situations such as wildfires-B (1)
Better manage emergencies like wildfires
SE Mini Outdoor

Measures key air pollutants

Precise, real-time data on key air quality indicators such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, as well as temperature and relative humidity.
SE Mini Outdoor

Designed for outdoor use

Reliable and uninterrupted performance in various outdoor environments. Endures rain, wind, sleet, and snow.

Product Features

  • Ethernet new-20-1 Wi-Fi & Ethernet
  • TLSSSL encrypted icon-04 TLS/SSL encrypted
  • WPA2 Enterprise -22 WPA2 Enterprise / 802.1X (Coming soon)
  • IPv6 supported-23 IPv6 supported (Coming soon)
Building Integrations
  • BACnetIP icon-11 BACnet/IP (BACnet MS/TP coming soon)
  • Open API icon-07 Open API
  • MQTT-37 MQTT
  • Power-over--25 Power-over-ethernet
  • 12-30V Direct-27-27 12-30V Direct wiring
Data Storage
  • 1-hour local-26-26 1-hour local storage
  • Cloud storage icon-09 Cloud storage

Kaiterra’s platform architecture meets the most stringent security standards and is regularly subjected to 3rd party penetration tests. Read more about our security here.

SE Mini Outdoor
SE Mini Outdoor
SE Mini Outdoor
SE Mini Outdoor
SE Mini Outdoor

Combine indoor and outdoor air quality data with the Kaiterra Dashboard

Leverage both real-time indoor and outdoor air quality data for enhanced data analysis, unlocking new insights into your building's environment.


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