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Enhance building performance with IAQ data.

Make data-driven decisions in building design and operations with Kaiterra’s air quality monitoring solutions. Deliver smart, innovative, healthy, and sustainable buildings.

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High Performance Buildings Kaiterra IAQ Solutions

Building operations account for 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions - a big part of which is caused by inefficient ventilation.

Kaiterra helps you improve IAQ, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver positive ROI.

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Improve ventilation and IAQ
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Minimize manual labor and errors
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Lower energy consumption
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Reduce carbon emissions
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Kaiterra dashboard - connectivity options
Kaiterra dashboard - integrations
Kaiterra dashboard - permission settings
Advanced analytics and insights.
Kaiterra offerings go beyond data - we provide advanced analytic tools to help you quickly uncover air quality issues, identify operation inefficiencies, and take actions to improve.
A connected system.
You hate data silos, and so do we. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive integration options so that you can get a full picture on your building performance and take control.
Works with BMS and analytics platforms.
Kaiterra's solutions integrate with most building management systems as well as many data platforms, allowing you to leverage IAQ data to automate your building controls and reduce manual labor.
Flexible and scalable.
Multi-level views and permission settings fit to your needs, whether you are operating a single building or managing a large global portfolio with multiple collaborators.
High Performance Buildings Kaiterra IAQ solutions

The Sensedge Mini enabled deeper visibility into air quality metrics to our team and allowed us to provide better context with the corresponding energy use and enable optimizations and intelligent automations such as pre- and post-occupancy purge sequences based on TVOC and CO2 values.

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Patrick Biesty Director of Engineering & Building Performance at Sterling Bay

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Get Ready for the Next Generation of Buildings

The way we operate buildings is evolving - owners and operators are leveraging technology and data analysis to improve performance, and IAQ is a big part of this.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage IAQ data to optimize your built environment, and get insights on real-life strategies for healthy and high performance buildings . 

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On-Demand Webinar IAQ Strategies for Healthy Buildings