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Create Healthier Schools with Better Indoor Air Quality

Learn how Kaiterra’s air quality monitoring solutions  help facilities and operations leaders in K-12 schools create a safer and healthier environment, improve HVAC performance, and reduce operational costs.

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Indoor air quality has a significant impact on student’s cognitive function, wellbeing, and academic performance.

Kaiterra helps you measure, benchmark, and improve indoor air quality to provide a thriving school environment.

Reduced Viral Transmission
Improved Student Attendance
Happier Faculty & Staff
Greater Health & Wellbeing
Higher Test Scores
Reduced Energy Costs

Why Choose IAQ Monitoring Over Spot Testing

  • Access continuous, real-time data for complete trend analysis, avoiding single-sample limitations.

  • Achieve comprehensive coverage for holistic air quality understanding across multiple locations.

  • Uncover actionable insights, identifying challenges spot testing may miss.
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Detect Air Quality Issues Faster
Real-time data and alerts allow for faster issue detection so you can manage problems effectively, whether it’s day-to-day indoor pollution or seasonal events like wildfires.
Identify and Mitigate Risks
Detect potential risks such as mold growth or viral transmission at an earlier stage, enabling timely intervention before they escalate.
Guide Effective Strategies for IAQ Improvements
Make informed decisions such as investing in air purifiers or HVAC upgrades, and monitor before and after to assess effectiveness.
Streamline Operations and Maintenance
Leverage BMS integrations, alerts and weekly reports to optimize maintenance schedules and streamline building operations.
Uncover Energy-Saving Opportunities
Identify over-ventilation and improve filtration performance with real-time IAQ data so that your systems are operating at maximum efficiency.
Build Trust With Your Community
Use flexible, public dashboard options to share data and progress over time, and boost confidence among students, staff, and parents.

Why School Districts Trust Kaiterra

Best-In-Class Air Quality Monitors

Best-in-class air quality monitors that measure and track key air pollutants and environmental parameters.

Advanced Software Analytics & Actionable Insights

Advanced data analytics and reporting features that enable you to visualize, benchmark, and manage IAQ across your district.

Unmatched Air Expertise With A Personal Touch

Certified air quality experts that help translate your data into actionable insights that lead to tangible air quality improvements.

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