1. Kaiterra App Bug Fixes

Kaiterra App Bug Fixes

Since releasing the new Kaiterra app in May 2017, we have been made aware of a number of bugs, which we are actively working to resolve. We are constantly adding new features into the app, and welcome your input.

2.0.6 Updates (current version)
Added data export feature for Laser Eggs
Added support for Laser Egg 2+
Added TVOC and overall index measurements
Added 1000+ monitoring stations
Simplified “add device” menu
Improved translations
Resolved bug that sometimes caused Laser Eggs to disappear

2.0.4 Updates
Historical data for PM2.5, temperature & humidity available for Laser Eggs
More detailed outdoor information
Individual pollutants available for outdoor monitors
Historical data available by minute, hour & day

2.0.3 Updates
Improved auto-refresh time of outdoor data
Improved translations in Chinese
Added indication for no data
Added indication for “loading” data
Laser Egg city set (for weather) upon first pairing
Added warnings when rooms/homes containing devices are being deleted
Improved UI experience on iPhone 6

2.0.2 Updates
Weather forecast on Laser Egg 2 not always set correctly
App sometimes reverting to old AQI standard
Blank screen sometimes displayed after successfully connecting Laser Egg
Laser Eggs not moved correctly into new rooms
First generation Laser Eggs stability issues
Support for 2015 Laser Eggs to be added
Simplification of historical data charts
Inability to add homes on certain devices

2.0.1 Updates
Support for first generation Laser Eggs added (devices manufactured in 2016 are supported, 2015 devices are not yet)
Several stability issues causing the app to crash have been addressed

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